Mu-active line of ChinaMu

The original seed stocks 330I (a1-mum2; A2 C1 C2 MuDR R1) containing active Mu were obtained from Maize Genetics Cooperation Stock Center. To identify the linage of 330I, pair-wise distance among all 3241 accessions was calculated based on the p-distance model, and a neighbor-joining (NJ) method (Saitou and Nei, 1987) was used to construct the phylogenetic tree. The result of the phylogenetic tree suggests that the genetic distance between Mu-active line (330I) and W22 is closest (0.24).

PCR confirmation of Mu insertions.

1. Generally we provide 30 F3-generation seeds for each insertion site. To confirm presence of the Mu insertions in a gene of interest, genomic DNA must be extracted from individual plants and analyzed by PCR using gene-specific primers.

2. At least two gene specific primers will need to be designed for each insertion (one upstream and one downstream of the insert site), and these will need to be compatible with a Mu TIR specific primer (5’-GAAGCCAACGCCAWCGCCTCYATTTCGTCGAAT).

3. Gene-specific primers that flank the insertion site are first PCR-tested in pairs with wild type W22 DNA. This confirms capacity of the selected primers to amplify the expected wild type fragment.

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Note: Please be kindly advised that we are NOT responsible for guarantee 100% accuracy of all the insertions in our stocks.