ChinaMu is a publicly available and high mutation frequencies collection that can be used for both forward and reverse genetic approaches. We used active-Mu lines and B73 inbred line to create the collection containing inheritable Mu insertions, and combined the improved Mu-Illumina sequencing approach with bioinformatics analysis to obtain the flanking sequence database. Our current dataset already covered about 45.2% total genes in maize genome. We will keep updating all the information related to the mutants.

To better use the ChinaMu resource, please read 'About' carefully. More information about our work can also be found in the article.

Please Cite: Liang L, Zhou L, Tang Y, Li N, Song T, Shao W, Zhang Z, Cai P, Feng F, Ma Y, Yao D, Feng Y, Ma Z, Zhao H, Song R (2019) A sequence-indexed Mutator insertional library for maize functional genomics study. Plant Physiol. 181(4):1404-1414.

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